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A nerve-wrecking week in fandomland

No, I have nothing interesting going on in my real-world life, but  I haven't used this journal in ages and it's been a real up-and-down week for my fannish interests, so here we go!:


I am very excite. Let's hope it'll be good, because it could be really rubbish and embarrassing. Updating it (or not) is going to be tricky, and casting is going to be REALLY hard, but, if it's done well, it could be fucking awesome. Regardless, I'm really excited about seeing it on TV because it's probably my favourite book.

Minus:  The author of the Redwall books, Brian Jacques, died.

The Redwall books were a huge part of my childhood, massively influential. They're stories that made me start making up my own characters and worlds, and made me wish I could write. They're old-style epic tales that are really interesting, great characters, and wonderful worldbuilding. They also got me interested in food (the hearty rustic food was amazing, and the reason I started cooking and baking with my Mum) and weaponry (yep, I wanted to be a blacksmith when I was 11. That or an otter pirate...).

Plus:  Last Exile is getting a new series!

This is my favourite anime, so I'm hugely excited, particularly as this news came out of nowhere. No, it doesn't really need another series, the first was wrapped up fine, but it'll be excellent to see old faces as well as "new story, characters, and mechanical designs" as the announcement says (I don't know which I'm most excited about!). Plus, it might be in (or using?) 3D, which I don't think has been done yet with any other series. And seriously, there isn't a better series they could use 3D for. Those aerial dogfights will be even more amazing :D

Have the opening of the original series:

And finally: Minus, or possibly neutral: xxxHolic final chapter

First reaction: Eh. That was... boring :/ Did I miss something?
And then: OH. THAT. One little word is different and suddenly TEARS EVERYWHERE.

"Great-grandfather" not "grandfather" and suddenly that's not our Doumeki at all and Watanuki's been stuck there forever.
That wasn't really the ending I was expecting, or what I was hoping for, but it could have been a lot worse. There was so much Clamp didn't explain or tie up, though. But then, I expected to be disappointed. A better ending would have taken several more chapters and better planning on their part.

The egg turned out to be what I thought it was, but it's interesting that it never got used. And interesting that maybe it SHOULD have been used, and maybe Doumeki got it wrong and the story didn't go how it should have.

I'm a little confused about the final dream, though. Did Yuuko tell him to leave the cage, or did she free him? I assume the former, but either way, I'm glad Watanuki finally accepted her death in some way. I'm not hugely happy with how his character development went in the later part of the story though, in this respect at least. Maybe Clamp are just the worst grief councellors ever, but really, dude: a hundred years??

I like that they (vaguely) addressed the very worst aspect of immortality (and even if he wasn't completely alone, it wasn't the right Doumeki unless those reincarnation theories are right), but still, I think I'd rather just consider this chapter an optional epilogue and just leave the story open-ended at the '10 years later' mark, because I love the rest of this series.

I agree with Chibiyuuto's comment that xxxHolic is a story that can and maybe should go on forever, because the shop is important across several series and will be useful. So I think we'll be seeing it again somewhere else.

And by the way Clamp, I still haven't forgiven you for putting Himawari on bus, that was fail forever.

Okay, I'm done.
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