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Dorrie stuff: sales post

I'm selling some doll bits and bobs, putting it up here before it goes on DoA so you lot can get first dibs :)

l-r: Masterpiece 19mm 'Sterling', Masterpiece 19mm 'Louisiana Iris', Soom 'Burgundy' 14mm. All pairs $20/£10 each.

l-r: Glib green 14mm $8/£4, DOD Lahoo default 16mm acrylics - $10/£5, Souldoll P24 18mm $20/£10.

Volks SDC wig style W-85C, ivory - $30/£15 (size 7, fits SDC and similar size heads; Yo-SD, Cutie Delf, DoC, Serendipity, etc)

Kstarr silver blonde wig, size 9. Style 13.016, blonde/silver/grey mix - $20/£10
Colour comparison to Volks ivory

Dollmore Modelgirl ivory silk shoes, high heel, size 9cm- $25/£12 I love these shoes, but they're just too big for Sable :( 

Soom MSD armwarmers $7/£3.50. (These are full arm-length, rather than elbow-wrist.)
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