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Dissertation is IN! It is a big pile of shite because I am fucking idiot who can't get herself together, but hey, it's done at last. Also had my final presentation today. Feel alright about that, it went pretty good (I think). Managed to fill up the 12 minutes, hardly refer to my notes, and answer all the questions reasonably intelligently.

So, that's all my uni work done! Til re-sit time anyway, because I seriously messed up this year, but, I'd rather not talk about that.

Anyway! So looking forward to next week, doing hobby things again, &c &c. For now, I just need some sleep -_- Adrenalin wearing off, energy crash in 5, 4, 3..

Now, must get back to packing! I managed to beg the weekend off work, so I'm off up to Scotland for the weekend with my parents to visit family. It's only for two days, but I cannot wait x) It's been three years since I was last there, I miss it so!

Will do a proper LJ post next week sometime, hopefully.

I will see you shiny GQMFs next week :D Ciao!!!
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