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Let's just pretend this was posted two days ago.

I don't usually do memes, but, what the hell.
I got tagged by cicak  

Things that made me happy today

1. Going to the National Railway Musuem!
The largest collection of steam engine history in the country is a 30min walk from my house, and yet it's been about 8 years since I last visited. I've been meaning to go again for a while, and I finally got round to it today. It's a fantastic museum. My favourites were the Chinese engine that completely dwarfed all the others (and I mean huge like Iron Council -esque), and the cut-away engine: an actual steam train, sliced in half and with the wheels and pistons moving, showing how everything works. Those and the warehouse, which is stuffed full of historical bits-and-pieces that they don't have the space to display.
My main reason for visiting, however, was the A1 Tornado. When I heard it was only going to be on display here for two weeks, I had to go see. It's the first steam locomotive to be built in Britain in 50 years, it took 18 years to complete, and cost £3 million, mostly donations from people determined to see this project happen. It's a fantastic story and I can't wait to see her out working and bringing a little bit of elegance back to our railways.

2. Delicious haul of food from the Korean shop.
Kimchiiii, om nom nom.
I found a dessert that I have not seen since I was Japan! It's a fish-shaped soft waffle filled with ice cream and azuki paste. Yummy.
I have such a clear memory of sitting outside the supermarket in Okazaki and eating one, after we'd been cycling round the city one night and decided to go buy ice cream. Didn't think I'd ever find one here :)

3. Seeing my parents. *^_^*
I went into town after the museum, so I went to visit Mum at work. It's handy that she works in the city centre, and in a relatively quiet shop, so I can pop in and have a natter if I haven't seen her in a while :)
I also ran into Dad completely by chance at the museum. Yeah, he was there to see the Tornado too, we had a little geek-out xD

4. Treating myself to lunch in town.
Curling up in a warm corner of Caffe Nero with a obscenely cream- and sugar-laden coffee and reading my loaned copy of 'Raffles: the Amateur Cracksman'. OMG, thank you, Sarah, for lending me it. It's AMAZING, I love it.

5. Finding a Good Omens reference in an unexpected place. (GO always makes a day better!)
Aziraphale and Crowley cameo in Friendly Hostility.

I'm gonna cheat and do more than 5:

6. Watching Merlin behind-the-scenes videos.
I love this daft little show. There had bloody well better be a second series.
The boys are as silly and adorable off-stage as on. Colin Morgan and Bradley James heroicly battling a ferocious, er... house spider.


I tag... whoever wants tagging! Go for it.
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