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Why do I have no science-themed icons?

Well, I TRIED to listen to the big switch-on this morning, but I obviously wasn't as awake as I thought I was, because all I can remember is hearing applause and cheering, thinking that was probably a good sign, then going back to sleep. Well, it's 13.30 now, and I'm pretty sure I still exist, so I assume there's been no terrible black hole-related accidents yet. (I know, I know, they haven't started actually colliding things yet.)

Still, only 45 minutes and counting til Torchwood will be here to make the apocalypse a gayer place save us all!

Anyway! Main point of this post:
This is all kinds of awesome.
The Large Hadron rap
Particle physics rules, yo.

PS: Help CERN out by donating your computer's idle time! LHC@home

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